Northern  Neck  CASA

 Friends of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a community support network of volunteers who are interested in helping the CASA organization in a variety of important and challenging ways. 

Northern Neck CASA  P. O. Box 695,  8876 Mary Ball Road,  Lancaster, VA  22503  804-462-0881.

Friends of CASA   help and support in the following areas:

     1.  Involvement and work with social media (Facebook, Twitter) and the CASA website (


      2. Help with raising awareness of CASA in the community (such as "Constant Contact".) 

     3.  E-mail list development and use

     4.  Identify grant opportunities and other fundraising activities

     5.  Assistance and support for fundraising activities such as:

          a.  Christmas wreath sales

          b.  Music concerts

          c.  Raffles

          d.  Stage/theatre benefit productions

          e.  "Amazing Raise" promotion

There are no fees or dues.  To join Friends of CASA, Just contact the CASA office at (804)  462-0881 and ask to speak with the Friends of CASA liaison.  Your name and contact information will be added to the network list.  When help with a specific task is needed, the CASA office will make a request for assistance by broadcast e-mail or telephone.  If you have the time and interest to help with the project call the office for details.

Friends of CASA members who have the time and interest may want to help CASA by applying for one or more of the formal CASA roles such as becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate or service as a member of the CASA Board of Directors.

Friends of CASA will also receive updates on the status of CASA activities.  It is our hope the Friends of CASA organization will be informal "ambassadors" to the community who can help increase public awareness of the organization and its mission